Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rochester, NY Police officers Caught On Duty, Attending Erotic Sex Festival, Even Taking Photos of Strippers!

By Davy V.
Rochester, NY Police officer takes a photo of stripper on pole.

Why fight crime and do the job taxpayers pay you to do, when you can knock off half your shift learning about fisting, mind fucking, finding the right lubricant for anal sex, and how to cheat on your partner?

That's exactly what 4 on duty Rochester, NY Police officers decided they would do on Saturday afternoon, as they attended a sex festival in downtown Rochester.

What's interesting is that the officers were not at the sex festival, which was held at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center, on a call, nor were they there on any official police business.

"There was no reason for them to be there other than to entertain themselves, people were saying 'oh look at the boys in blue, why are they here?' said a woman who follows my blog, and my work exposing police misconduct and corruption.
Rochester, NY Police officers
share some laughs in lingerie section.
"Watch, I'm going to send the Chief a photo!"

"Obviously they were there to see erotic sex, why were they they to see sex?", the woman said, before adding, "There was security there already, walking around, there was no need for them to be there."

And exactly what kind of kind of 'sex festival'
did these on duty RPD officers attend?

Here's an excerpt from the Rochester Exotic Arts Sex Festival.

"Fisting: Male and Female.

Female: The female anatomy has two perhaps three portals for fisting, or more properly erotic stretching. Leaning the intimate anatomy, some hands on exploration and demonstration is planned. Included in this demonstration are safety measures, protection for both stretchee and stretcher as well as general disease and precautions when playing.
Rochester, NY Police officer looks
like a kid in a candy store,
as he looks at lingerie while on phone.
"Honey, can we try the beads tonight?"

Male: The male anatomy has two portals as well, one quite smaller than the other but also a source of intimate pleasures for some. Learning the male intimate anatomy, again with some hands on as well as erotic demonstration are planned. Also included are general male anatomy, some points and pointers, as well as safety measures and protection. General disease precautions, somewhat different in males as well as safety for both stretcher and stretchee are included."

The woman, who follows my work, is a model, and attended the festival with a photographer.

She sent me the photos seen here, which she took herself.

So there you have it, Rochester, NY... your taxpayer dollars at work!
Nothing like discussing S&M
while on duty!
Three RPD officers talk sex.

Rochester, NY Police officers near the Whips display.
"Next time, whip it before you spit on it!"

This photo says it all...
Even this woman is like:
"Why are these Rochester, NY Police officers here?"

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1 comment:

  1. They were there because a laptop had been stolen the previous day. They were requested to be there by the people putting on the festival so no more thefts were to take place.

    My sister is very good friends with the people that run this. If you'd like, I will send you their contact information so you can talk to them personally.