Wednesday, July 23, 2014

(VIDEO) Rochester, NY Police officer Matthew Cushman; "I have an official duty to park wherever I want because I am exempt from vehicle and traffic law..."

Rochester, NY Police officer Matthew Cushman.

By Davy V.

It's not everyday that I'm able to get a police officer to admit, on camera, that he or she is above the law.

Not everyday.

But I did this past Sunday.

Here's the story.

Sunday afternoon, around 4:30 p.m., I went to do some shopping at the Wegmans Food market located on East Avenue, in Rochester, NY.

As I walked in the store, I couldn't help but notice a Rochester, NY Police cruiser, parked in front of the store, facing the wrong way, and partially blocking a traffic lane.

Being used to seeing the Rochester Police department parking wherever they want, however they want, I initially didn't think you much of it, other than taking a couple of quick photos.

But then I noticed several shoppers, both entering and exiting the store, using the two crosswalks on either side of the RPD cruiser.

The Wegmans customers I saw, each had a couple of things in common.

They each looked at the RPD cruiser.

And, they each expressed a negative reaction at seeing the RPD cruiser parked like it was.

One man kept looking at the cruiser as he entered the store's breezeway, then shook his head as if in disgust.

Rochester, NY Police officer Matthew Cushman's
cruiser E-42 illegally parked,
creating traffic safety issue.
But, I still didn't pay it much mind, even do I admit that I chuckled at seeing the negative reactions of the people who looked at the police cruiser.

It showed me, that taxpayers, albeit slowly, are starting to realize just how their tax dollars are being used.

By arrogant, inconsiderate public servants who believe they are not only somehow entitled to special privileges, but in fact truly believe, as you will soon see, that they are indeed, above the law.

So, I did my shopping, and after going around the store several times, and spending at least 45 minutes inside, I checked out.

It was then, while I was in line, that I noticed the RPD officer shooting the shit inside the Wegmans security office.

Then, as I was exiting the store, I noticed the police officer was now inside his cruiser.

And me being someone who doesn't pass up a great opportunity to question a public servant on his or her use of taxpayer dollars, well, let's just say I couldn't resist engaging questioning Rochester, NY Police officer Matthew Cushman.

Now I won't tell you what happened next, as it would ruin the point of you watching the video, right?

However, before you do you watch the video, I want you to keep one thing in mind.

These are YOUR public servants.

YOU pay their salaries.

I say this because I really want you to pay attention to Rochester, NY Police officer Matthew Cushman.

Pay special attention to his reply, when I ask him if that is pedestrian crosswalk behind his illegally parked cruiser.

"That's what they appear to say."

That was RPD officer Cushman's response to my question.

Also pay close attention to how officer Cushman, in textbook cop mode, refuses to take any accountability whatsoever for his above the law reckless parking, by blaming Wegmans, basically telling me that he has to do what Wegmans tells him to do, including parking in such a manner which creates a traffic safety issue.

And for those of you who may dismiss this as much ado about nothing, as I always I remind you, it's incidents such as these that should serve as red flag reminders to ALL of us, that WE MUST hold OUR public servants accountable, and call them out whenever needed.

But, if you're like some folks, who no matter what cops do, subscribe to the "Cops can do no wrong' way of thinking when it comes to law enforcement, then next time you go shopping, park your vehicle like that, and let me know if it's still there when you come out.

And as always, remember... COPS LIE. RECORD EVERYTHING.

Click Play below to watch video.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Rochester, NY Police officer Jordan Bracey, Badge 2061, Would Rather Ticket Motorists for Tinted Windows, Than Fight Real Crime

Smile Rochester Police officer Jordan Bracey!
You're on candid camera.

By Davy V.

On any given day of the week in Rochester, NY, one can find a cornucopia of crime and criminal activity.

Open air drug dealing.

Armed robbery.

Violent assaults. 


Even murders.

There's never a shortage.

Yet, despite Rochester, which was recently named the third poorest city in the country, being poverty stricken, crime-ridden, and drug infested, some Rochester, NY Police officers seem more interested in writing tickets, than fighting real crime.

Take, for instance, Rochester, NY Police officer Jordan Bracey, badge 2061.

Officer Bracey, who works out of the RPD's west division, would rather spend his shift parked hiding behind abandoned buildings near Rochester's Upper Falls bridge, preying on innocent, taxpaying motorists, than getting drug dealers, rapists, and murderers off the streets.

Officer Bracey loves meeting the
City of Rochester, NY's ticket quota!

That's right.

Rochester, NY Police officer Jordan Bracey would rather issue motorists tickets for window tint.


Window tint.

Enter Brian, who asked me to not publish his last name out of fear of retaliation by Rochester Police.

Brian was driving near Rochester's Lake Avenue recently when all of a sudden he sees a Rochester, NY Police cruiser behind him.

It was Rochester Police officer Jordan Bracey.

Bracey issues Brian a ticket for having his car windows tinted.

A $98 ticket.

Rochester, NY residents should feel secure
that in a city which is crime-ridden,
drug infested, and poverty-stricken,
issuing taxpayers tickets for window tint is a priority.

Plus a $58 surcharge.

"He's always there, hiding, just waiting to stop people," Brian told me, referring to RPD officer Jordan Bracey stalking motorists near Rochester's Upper Falls bridge, adding "He has stopped one of my friends five times, for having window tint on his car."

Brian says that each time his friend was stopped, officer Bracey issued him a ticket.

Five times.

That's $780.00 !

As for Brian...  less than 10 minutes.

That's all it took for Rochester Police officer Jordan Bracey to make $156 for the City of Rochester.

For window tint.

While drug dealers, rapists, and murderers roam the streets of Rochester, NY, officer Jordan Bracey is fighting window tint.

So there you have it, Rochester, NY.

Your taxpayer dollars at work.

Note: if you live in Rochester, be on the lookout fir Rochester, NY Police officer Jordan Bracey, posted up near the Lyell Ave., Smith St., and North Vincent St. area, near the Upper Falls bridge.

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