Tuesday, April 9, 2013

After Stopping Wrong Man, an Angry Rochester, NY Police officer Bryan Boskat tells him, "Do not interrupt me, unbelievable, next thing I'll sit you in the back of my car!", Then writes Man a Ticket for Not Having a Bell on his Bicycle!

By Davy V.
An angry Riochester, NY Police officer
Bryan Boskat, before issuing man a ticket
for not having a bell on his bike.

Imagine this for a moment.

You're riding your bike on one of the first, nice days of Spring in Rochester, NY.

All of a sudden, two Rochester Police cruisers drive up and officers tell you to get off your bike.

They then tell you that you for a description of "a white guy wearing a black shirt", who was "seen looking in cars."

They take pepper spray, and a small pocket knife from you, both of which are legal.

That's exactly what happened to a Rochester, NY man on Sunday April 7th, as he was near the city's downtown area, enjoying the nice weather, and a bike ride, since having broken his ankle in February.

One of the Rochester, NY Police officers, Bryan Boskat, completely exaggerates the situation, in a dramatic fashion, even telling the man, "you are armed", and telling the man that he is a danger to them, even though the officers already have the pepper spray and the pocket knife.

Once RPD officer Bryan Boskat realizes they have the wrong man, he tells the man "Do not interrupt me, unbelievable, next thing I'll sit you in  the back of my car!"

Officer Boskat then issues the man a ticket for not having a bell on his bicycle.

Interestingly, the other RPD officer, last name 'Frye' seems to realize that officer Boskat is out of line, and clearly looks as if he wants no part of it, as he looks away, with his head down.

So, as real crime is being committed in Rochester, NY, rapes, robberies, etc., RPD officer Bryan Boskat is harassing innocent citizens, ticketing them for not having a bell on their bike!
Rochester, NY Police officer Frye (left),
seems to realize that officer Boskat
is out of line.

Another example of Rochester, NY Tax Dollars at work.

Click Play to watch video

The video was sent to me by someone who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation from Rochester Police.

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