Wednesday, June 18, 2014

VIDEO: Rochester, NY Police Kick Woman and Young Children Off RTS Bus in Storm, All Over $1.00 Fare (UPDATED)

Child looks up at Rochester, NY Police officer,
before RPD cop kicks him, his little sister, and his mother
off RTS bus, in the middle of powerful thunderstorm.

By Davy V.

"She'll go to jail!"

That's what a Rochester, NY Police officer told passengers onboard a Regional Transit Service (RTS) bus Tuesday night, when the driver called Rochester Police on a young woman who was babysitting two young children, and asked two RPD cops to kick her and the children off the bus.

At night.

In the middle of a thunderstorm.

The disturbing 3 minute video, which was posted on Facebook shows an understandably upset crowd standing up for the woman and children, questioning a Rochester Police officer who yelled at the woman, "Get off the bus!"

Several passengers can be heard in the video telling the RPD cop that the woman paid her $1.00 fare.

According to the young woman, Corrine Moore, who spoke with me on the phone Wednesday night, this is what happened.

Moore told me that she was on the RTS bus route 10, and once that bus arrived in downtown Rochester, for the bus lineup around 8:12 p.m., she and the children, ages 1 and 2 years old, transferred to RTS bus number 4 which is the Hudson Avenue route.

Corrine Moore said it was then that a man, who was on the first bus, offered to help her by carrying the baby stroller for her, and placing it inside the number 4 bus.

Moore then swiped her RTS bus pass, to pay her $1.00 bus fare. (Since the children are under the age of 5, there is no charge for them.)

While all this was happening, the Good Samaritan missed his bus.

Feeling bad that the man missed his own bus while helping her, Moore then gave the man her bus pass, which she says she didn't need anymore, for him to use.

Moore said it was then that the RTS driver became angry that she gave her bus pass to the man.

The RTS bus driver then ordered Moore and the children to get off the bus.

When Moore asked why, the RTS bus driver called for Rochester Police to respond.

The video ends with two Rochester, NY cops kicking the Moore, and the children off the bus.

Baby stroller and all.

At night.

In the middle of a powerful thunderstorm that swept through Rochester, knocking down trees and downing power lines.

Corrine Moore told me that RTS supervisors, both women, who responded treated her very rude and unprofessional.

"They told me that they really didn't care, and that they didn't want to hear it," Moore said, referring to the RTS supervisors not caring to hear what happened, and showing no sympathy whatsoever.

Shame not only on the Rochester, NY Police department, but also on the RTS, whose driver contacted police in the first place.

The incident is especially disgusting, when one considers that RTS would condone kicking a mother and her children off a bus, over a dollar.

A dollar which she paid, using her own bus pass.


All this, happening just a couple of blocks away from a new, $50 Million RTS bus terminal is being constructed in downtown Rochester, slated to open in November.

But the story gets even more disturbing.

At one point in the video, the RPD cop is heard approving of the bus driver kicking a mother and her two young children off the bus.

"He has the authority at anytime to kick anybody off the bus," the RPD cop tells passengers.

Corrine Moore said that the Rochester Police officer then gave her an ultimatum.

Get off the bus with your children, storm or no storm, or go to jail.

The RPD cop then used a very well known intimidation scare tactic commonly used against women with children.

The cop told Moore that if she didn't get off the bus, he would call Child Protective Services (CPS) and the children would be taken away.

"The police officer said to me 'you can can either get yourself and the kids off this bus or CPS will be called and your kids will be taken into custody and you'll be taken into custody," Moore said, adding, "I feel the officers were very racist, they didn't even give me a chance to say anything."

Moore also told me that before a passenger began video recording the incident, the Rochester Police officers were cursing at her.


All over a $1.00.

$1.00 she already paid.

And the Rochester, NY Police department wonders why the community has zero respect for them?

UPDATE: Finally, nearly 24 hours after I was the first to break this disturbing story, roght here on my blog, Rochester, NY's mainstream, or how I like to call them, LAMESTREAM news media decided to report this disturbing incident.


Regional Transit Service (RTS) 585-288-1700

Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli 585-428-7033

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren 585-428-7045

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Former Rochester, NY Police Captain Michael Leach Gets Away With Murder; Will Serve Only 6 Months For Killing His Own Son

By Davy V.

Former Rochester, NY Police Captain
Michael Leach

Former Rochester, NY Police Captain Michael Leach has shot and killed at least two innocent people.

The first was on November 11, 1975, when as an RPD patrol officer, Michael Leach murdered Denise Hawkins, an African-American woman who was in an abusive relationship.

Leach claimed that he shot Denise Hawkins because she had a knife in her hand.

Rochester, NY Police officer Michael Leach, the son of former Rochester, NY Police Chief Delmar Leach, was cleared in Denise Hawkins' murder, and continued his career with the Rochester, NY Police department, rising to the rank of Captain, before retiring in 2001.

The second was on Saturday July 21, 2012 when Leach shot and killed his own son.

Michael Leach, a part time Perry, NY Police officer, and his son were staying at the Clarke's Beach Hotel, in Old Forge, NY, when according to New York State Police, the 59-year old Leach mistook his son, Matthew Leach, 37, for an intruder, before shooting him once in the back with his .45 caliber Glock handgun, when his son entered the motel room they both shared.

The Leach's were part of a motorcycle group that stays at the Clark's Beach motel every couple of years.

And now, Michael Leach, who was indicted by a grand jury on a charge of second degree murder, and who was scheduled to stand trial beginning on June 16, charged with the intentional murder of his son, accepted a plea deal to criminally negligent homicide.

In return for pleading guilty, Michael Leach will be sentenced to just 6 months in the Herkimer, NY County Jail.

Thats right.

Just 6 months.

In jail.

Not prison.


For murdering his own son.

So let me get this straight.

Not only does former Rochester, NY Police Captain Michael Leach kills his own son, shooting him in the back, but he goes from being charged with intentionally murdering his son, to being offered a plea deal?

A plea deal of criminally negligent homicide?

A plea deal where a trigger-happy ex cop, who has murdered at least two innocent people, will serve only 6 months for killing his own son?

I guess when you're a former cop, you can get away with murder.


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Monday, June 2, 2014

Rochester, NY Police Officer Drives Reckless, Flips Cruiser... Neighbor: "All we saw was the police car come flying around the corner and then it flipped."

Rochester, NY Police cruiser W-78 flipped over
in front of house on Delano St.

By Davy V.

Here's a disturbing incident that the Rochester, NY Police department wanted to keep on the down low.

A Rochester, NY Police officer, driving reckless at high speeds down a residential street, in a neighborhood where children are always playing outside, lost control, and flipped his cruiser.

The incident happened around 4:00 p.m. Sunday, on Delano St., near Colvin St. on Rochester's west side.

Neighbors say Rochester Police were chasing a black vehicle, when one RPD cruiser made a sharp U-turn.

That's when the Rochester Police officer who was driving cruiser W-78 reckless, swerved in order not to hit the cruiser who was turning, lost control, then flipped.

Rochester, NY Police officers having a good laugh.
"All we saw was the police car come flying around the corner and then it flipped," said a neighbor, who out of fear of retaliation by Rochester Police, asked me not to publish their name.

"My family was having a barbecue outside, the officer could have hit the house."

Can you imagine if for example, an innocent child just happens to riding their bike, when the Rochester Police cruiser comes flying and flips?

It reminds me of young Trayvonne Pritchett.

The 14-year old was struck and killed by rookie, probationary Rochester, NY Poloce officer Scott Calkins, while riding his bike on North Clinton Ave. in October of 2010.

Rochester Police officer Scott Calkins was also driving recklessly, traveling at unsafe speeds, responding to call.

Officer Scott Calkins, who was very inexperienced, was being supervised by RPD Field Training Officer Josh Lewis, who was in the passenger seat.

As for Sunday's incident where the Rochester Police officer flipped his cruiser, perhaps the neighbor says it best.

Rochester, NY Taxpayer Dollars at Work!

RPD Police officers share a laugh
after one of their own speeds down neighborhood,
loses control, and flips cruiser.

"It's not safe at all,  they shouldn't be driving like that down our streets."

"Is it really worth it?"

I don't know what disturbs me more.

Rochester, NY Police officers putting innocent lives, including young children's at risk, by driving recklessly, or as you can see in the photo to the right, laughing about the whole thing, like it's a big joke, after one of their own flips a cruiser.

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Months After Being Brutally Beaten by Rochester, NY Police officers, For Video Recording, Man Finds the Courage to Speak Out About Horrific Incident

Mark Schrothh
after being brutally beaten, and tased by Rochester, NY cops.

By Davy V.

Last December I exposed a violent beating that Mark Schrothh suffered at the hands of those whose job it is to Protect and Serve--the Rochester, NY Police Department.

Schrothh was beaten so bad by several members of Rochester's biggest gang, that as you can see by looking at the photo, he was left beyond recognition.

The vicious beating took place December 8, 2013 at O'Callaghan's Pub located on Monroe Avenue in Rochester, NY.

What's even more disturbing is that Mark Schrothh was simply an innocent bystander, who chose to exercise his first amendment right to video record an incident involving Rochester Police officers which he was not even a part of.

Below is a description of the traumatic experience Mark Schrothh endured at the hands of several rogue Rochester, NY cops.

Or, as a like to call them, thugs in uniform.

Here it is, in Mark Schrothh's own words.

"So as many of you may know, I was involved in a terrible situation on December 8, 2013 outside of O'Cals on Monroe Avenue. 

There was an altercation where the police were called to respond to a fight that I was not involved in. 

I was standing filming the attacks with my phone when I was harassed and pepper sprayed by police while being on the sidewalk. 

I was told that if I said another word, which I said very few of, I would be arrested. 

I said I was sorry and started to walk away, which is when an arm was wrapped around my throat from behind and I was tacked onto my chest. I was held down to tne ground by multiple cops and was beaten brutally. 

I got baton whips against my legs, punched repeatedly in the sides of my face and head and was shot with a taser twice while being held against the ground. 

I was then placed in hand cuffs, but because I was beaten so badly, I was sent to the hospital. I sat there for four hours while honey assessed me and then released me at around 6am. 

While sitting there I had to be accompanied by the very officers that beat me, and before they left I was asked if I learned my lesson. 

I guess I have, in a way. I can now say though, that after getting a lawyer and fighting a misdemeanor charge for resisting arrest, which I don't know how I could have resisted while being forcefully held against the ground and beaten, but anyways, it's been a long  5-6 months and I am proud to say that it is OVER! 

I had to accept a charge of disorderly conduct, but am not facing any other issues or fines and I do not gave a misdemeanor on my record. 

Let my experience be a lesson to you.

My trust and belief that the cops are here to serve and protect is broken and most likely will never be repaired, but hey you live and learn. 

This whole situation has given me a lot to think about and has helped me in losing weight and becoming healthier inside and out. I want to thank everyone who has been there with me through this journey and express my highest gratitude fir standing by me and helping me. 

It means a lot to have people care about you and show that you are loved.

I'm  glad this matter is behind me and that I can move on with my life.

Happy to still be here and ready to make the best of this crazy situation. 

Much love everyone!"

- Mark Schrothh

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